Resourceserver as a backend for SPA and Backbone apps

Written by Liam McLennan

Some reddit pundits were confused about resourceserver and what the point of it might be. In this post I demonstrate the use of resourceserver as a backend for the todomvc SPA demo.

Using Resourceserver as a backend for an SPA / Backbone app

Install redis

You’re on your own for this one. It is not hard and can be accomplished on *nix or windows.

Get resourceserver

git clone

Get Todomvc

Todomvc is a reference app used to compare client-side web app libraries. It includes the same app (a todo app) built with a wide variety of libraries. We will use it as a client-side app to connect to resource server.

git clone

Enable redis

This is optional. By default resourceserver will just store resources in memory. Edit resourceserver’s

module.exports =

   use_redis: true

     host: 'localhost'
     port: 6379

Make sure the redis_config settings match your redis installation.

Start resourceserver

In the directory where you cloned resourceserver:

npm start

Modify todomvc

We need to make a small modification to todomvc to enable server persistence.

Modify architecture-examples/backbone/js/collections/todos.js:

-               localStorage: new Backbone.LocalStorage('todos-backbone'),
+               url: 'http://localhost:3002/todos',


Backbone and resourceserver