DbUp (database migration) Support For Postgresql

Written by Liam McLennan

DbUp is a .NET library that helps you to deploy changes to SQL Server databases. It tracks which SQL scripts have been run already, and runs the change scripts that are needed to get your database up to date.

DbUp is a simple, mature, sql script-based database deployment tool. I typically use it for all of my projects that use Sql Server. I like the idea so much that I have previously implemented similar systems for CouchDb and Postgresql. It occurred to me that instead of badly re-implementing half of the features of DbUp I should just add new database support to DbUp (open source right?).

DbUp now supports Postgresql

Show me the Codez!

var upgrader = DeployChanges.To
    .PostgresqlDatabase("Server=;Database=testo;Port=5432;User Id=*****;Password=*******;")

var result = upgrader.PerformUpgrade();

NOTE: at the time of writing this update has been merged but not yet made available via Nuget.