New year, new job

Written by Liam McLennan

time to relaxNext week, two months shy of five years, I will complete my employment with Readify. I stayed so long, far longer than I ever thought I would, because I continued to learn and it continued to be fun. Over this time I have worked with many amazing individuals, who taught me everything I know. I have tried to repay the debt by passing on what I learned to others, and I know that I am leaving behind a highly capable team.

When I first joined I worked on some incredible teams helping to deliver solutions for customers. When I needed more challenge there was an opportunity to take responsibility for delivery and to lead teams of Readify developers. Eventually I took on the Principal Consultant role and its responsibility for deliverying a portfolio of solutions across a number of customers. Most recently I joined the Queensland management team because I saw an opportunity to create the best place for software developers to work in Queensland. I have enjoyed being in an environment with an unusual tendency towards common sense that rewards hard work and success.

You Should Try Consulting, at Least Once

I did not enjoy my first consulting experience. I was young and felt the frustration of knowing better than everyone else. ;) I wanted to get things done and didn’t feel that my customers were aligned. So I went and worked on products for half a decade.

Then I joined Readify, and re-entered the world of consulting, with a better attitude and a better approach. The job of the consultant is to help customers to reach their goals, often in spite of themselves. It involves understanding, empathy, education and even a little manipulation (the good kind). The consulting skillset is invaluable in all aspects of life that involves getting things done.

The consulting life involves a huge variety of domains, technology, personalities and environments, often over a relatively brief period of time. This accelerates the learning of consultants who chose to embrace the opportunity.

Unless you aim to be a developer who hides in the dark and never talks to anyone, consulting is a wonderful opportunity to learn new skills and become more valuable. I recommend that all software developers give it a go.

What’s Next?


I will be CTO at Starts at 60, the leading online community and digital media provider for baby boomers in Australia and New Zealand. So far the business has focused on media and discussion but we are now moving into other areas, like travel.

The company is established and rapidly growing but still feels very startup, with a lot of experimentation and expansion happening. I look forward to mixing my experience into this exciting and talented group to create something amazing.