Easy OKRs

Written by Liam McLennan

A colleague asked about learning how to use OKRs (objectives and key results), so I’m re-posting here (waste not).

“It almost doesn’t matter what you know. Execution is everything” - Andy Grove

Here is my approach to learning OKRs:

  1. Watch John Doerr’s TED Talk ‘Why the Secret to Success is Setting the Right Goals

  2. Listen to a summary of John’s book ‘Measure What Matters’

  3. Read ‘Measure What Matters’

Additional Thought’s on OKR Usage

  • OKRs are a tool for empowering individuals/teams. The people closest to the problem are empowered to find the best solution, instead of being given instructions.
  • People/teams negotiate their own OKRs. They are not imposed.
  • OKRs are an evolution of Drucker’s Management by Objectives
  • Less is more. OKRs help with focus and de-prioritization.
  • Should be publically (within the organisation) visible.
  • Must not be linked to pay/bonuses because it perverts the process. Failure must be allowed and expected. In this way it is different to management by objectives.
  • Provides the basis for strategic planning. Issue trees and impact mapping can pickup from OKRs.